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The spirit of an old carpenter

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An old carpenter with his exquisite skills, won the favor of the boss, one day ,he is going to retired and told his boss that he want to go home to sharing happiness with his wife and children.The boss did not want his good worker to leave ,he asked if he could help him to build a new house again before his leaving.The old carpenter said : yes. He loved this job,he use the real stuff and constructed the house very delicately and carefully.when the house was built up , the boss gave the gate key to him.”this is your house”.The boss said, “I sent it to you as gift”The old Carpenter was stuck dumb with shock , delighted inexpressibly .if he did not love his job , used the fake material and careless constructed the house,now he has to live in a shoddy house.

Take yourself as an Old Carpenter ,think about your house .every day you strike a nail or add one panel ,put up a wall , use your wisdom to create it .It seems: life is a project , today's attitude to do things, it determines the house to live in tomorrow.

It's an intriguing story that tells people to be consistent and dedicated in their work so that they can get better results.

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